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Imagine having capacity price information on the fly... or knowing that you had someone to call in a pinch. Saving just 1 cent on a 10,000 MMBtu/day deal could create a margin impact of $3,000. That $3K is 3 times the cost of a CCI pipeline report that gives you all the information on capacity markets for one pipe. In addition, a CCI report allows you to quantify the pricing on open deals, identify the buyers and sellers, and know the release type and terms for that pipeline.

Natural Gas Pipeline Annual Capacity Transaction Reports

Choose from
98 Pipelines or 6 Regional Packages

  • New York-New England Package
  • PJM East Package
  • PJM West Package
  • MISO North Package
  • MISO South Package
  • CAISO Package

Each Annual Capacity Transaction Report or Package Contains

  • Details of capacity release transactions for the year, including:
    • Capacity release seller and capacity buyer
    • Pricing for deals bought and sold
    • Receipt/delivery point names and meter numbers
    • Volumes and start/stop dates
    • Release type and terms
  • List of shippers for each pipeline
  • Top 10 capacity trading companies
  • Capacity trading metrics
  • Profile and map for each pipeline
  • Key pipeline news releases for the year

Each Report or Package comes with detailed spreadsheets with all the data for easy sorting. Click here to receive a sample report.

Our clients say, "These reports are a must have for anyone in the wholesale or retail natural gas business, power generation, financial trading, regulators and analysts."