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  • Most of the capacity volumetric trends for the month of February have seen some form of decrease over last month.
  • The February spot capacity transactions saw the most significant reductions at nearly 90% below the values from last month.
  • Monthly capacity release transactions saw the only volumetric increase over last month with a significant 428% increase.
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Monthly Pipeline Capacity Trends
Top 10 Pipelines

January 2018 Capacity Releases for Top 10 Pipelines


Percent change over previous month:


Awarded Capacity in Annualized Equiv BCF/d


Percent change over previous month:


Spot capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Monthly capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Capacity releases of one year or longer:


Percent change over previous month:


Industry News

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Top 5 Pipelines
Capacity Release Details

The following list is based on Annualized Equivalent Dth/day during the month of February 2018.

Southern Star Central Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      96
Spot transactions:       77
Month/multi-month transactions:      15
Twelve months or longer transactions:      4

ANR Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      70
Spot transactions:      0
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      68
Twelve months or longer transactions:      2

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      609
Spot transactions:      88
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      520
Twelve months or longer transactions:      1

Texas Eastern Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      296
Spot transactions:      7
Month/multi-month transactions:      288
Twelve months or longer transactions:      1

Columbia Gas Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      529
Spot transactions:      24
Month/multi-month transactions:      504
Twelve months or longer transactions:      1

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