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May 2017 Edition

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  • As we approach the peak season for electric generation we see an increased interest in monthly term deals.
  • The monthly term deals increased by 142% over last month’s deals.
  • The total number of capacity deals remained relatively static with a slight 3.5% reduction over last month.
  • All other value such as volumetric capacity, spot deals, and year or longer deals saw greater than a 50% reduction across the board.
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Monthly Pipeline Capacity Trends
Top 10 Pipelines

April 2017 Capacity Releases for Top 10 Pipelines


Percent change over previous month:


Awarded Capacity in Annualized Equiv BCF/d


Percent change over previous month:


Spot capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Monthly capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Capacity releases of one year or longer:


Percent change over previous month:


Industry News

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The first four months of 2017 have seen 20,788 transactions.  That quantity of deals is comparable to a full year of transactions ten years ago.  In 2006 for example, the total number of deals that year was 22,844.  It is clear that demand and volumes have increased significantly over the years and will likely continue that trajectory for the next ten years.

Our data will help you make better business decisions in the natural gas and electric markets.  If you would like to know who is bidding on your capacity, who was awarded capacity and at what price, a subscription to our data of over 87 interstate pipelines will provide this information and more.  Take advantage of this great offer to experience the benefits of Capacity Center first hand.

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Top 5 Pipelines
Capacity Release Details

The following list is based on Annualized Equivalent Dth/day during the month of April 2017.

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      1,072
Spot transactions:        81
Month/multi-month transactions:      979
Twelve months or longer transactions:       12

Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:       453
Spot transactions:       28
Monthly/multi-month transactions:       409
Twelve months or longer transactions:      16

Gulf South Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      62
Spot transactions:      36
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      25
Twelve months or longer transactions:      1

Dominion Gas Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      326
Spot transactions:      14
Month/multi-month transactions:      310
Twelve months or longer transactions:      2

Southern Natural Gas Company
Total capacity release transactions:      212
Spot transactions:      6
Month/multi-month transactions:      205
Twelve months or longer transactions:      1



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