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June 2017 Edition

Editor: Brendan Tierney, 978-717-6144


  • The number of spot capacity releases and monthly capacity releases swapped positions compared to last month.
  • The spot release deals increased by nearly 500% over last month’s deals.
  • All other values such as total capacity release deals, awarded capacity, monthly capacity release deals, and year or longer deals saw reductions.
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Monthly Pipeline Capacity Trends
Top 10 Pipelines

May 2017 Capacity Releases for Top 10 Pipelines


Percent change over previous month:


Awarded Capacity in Annualized Equiv BCF/d


Percent change over previous month:


Spot capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Monthly capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Capacity releases of one year or longer:


Percent change over previous month:


Industry News

The last month has seen a general decrease in capacity release volumes across the board.  Ensure your organization is poised to remain competitive in the marketplace with timely information regarding pipeline transactions.

Save our daily spreadsheets to create your own capacity database.  Below are some examples of reports you can run with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Report Name: Producer Report
Purpose: View all producers at a specific receipt point.
Description: Sort the spreadsheet by “Producer” as primary and “Receipt Point” as secondary sort.  Your report will be grouped by producers at a specific receipt point.

Report Name: Prearranged Shipper
Purpose: View listing of all prearranged shippers.
Description: Sort the spreadsheet by “Prearranged Shipper” as primary and “Quantity” (high to low) as secondary to view a listing of prearranged shippers by volume.

Stop sifting through your emails to find capacity release biddable offers!  Capacity Center now provides our customers with the ability to view all active biddable deals in a webpage interface.  We receive capacity release biddable offer data from the pipelines as it is posted on the EBB and now that information is available to you, on the spot, through our web-based report.

The information listed above and many other types of reports can be created utilizing the informational database.  Please contact Brendan Tierney @ or call (978) 717-6144 for more information.

Download the pdf

Top 5 Pipelines
Capacity Release Details

The following list is based on Annualized Equivalent Dth/day during the month of May 2017.

Texas Eastern Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      261
Spot transactions:        216
Month/multi-month transactions:      44
Twelve months or longer transactions:       1

Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:       420
Spot transactions:       327
Monthly/multi-month transactions:       95
Twelve months or longer transactions:      6

Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      16
Spot transactions:      6
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      10
Twelve months or longer transactions:      0

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      499
Spot transactions:      490
Month/multi-month transactions:      9
Twelve months or longer transactions:      0

Southern Natural Gas Company
Total capacity release transactions:      179
Spot transactions:      157
Month/multi-month transactions:      20
Twelve months or longer transactions:      2



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