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August 2018 Edition    

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  • Spot deals continued to decrease this month, they are down by 80%.
  • The July capacity release transactions were up slighly this month along with yearly capacity transactions which saw an increase of 44.3% over last month.
  • The monthly capacity releases saw the greatest increase of 101.5% this month.
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Monthly Pipeline Capacity Trends
Top 10 Pipelines

July 2018 Capacity Releases for Top 10 Pipelines


Percent change over previous month:


Awarded Capacity in Annualized Equiv BCF/d


Percent change over previous month:


Spot capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Monthly capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Capacity releases of one year or longer:


Percent change over previous month:



Ensure your organization is poised to remain competitive in the marketplace with timely information regarding pipeline transactions.  Save our daily spreadsheets to create your own capacity database.  Our Regional Market Report allows you to stay updated on the activity within your operational region, to gain better business intelligence for expansion, and make well informed decisions to grow your business.

Report Name: Regional Market Report
Purpose: View the asset management activity, short and long term release strategies, winning bid rates, and much more.
Description: This report is broken out by pipelines located in four geographic regions; East, Midwest, South, and West.  Report is available on a monthly and annual basis.

Stop sifting through your emails to find capacity release biddable offers!  Capacity Center now provides our customers with the ability to view all active biddable deals in a webpage interface.  We receive capacity release biddable offer data from the pipelines as it is posted on the EBB and now that information is available to you, on the spot, through our web-based report.

The information listed above and many other types of reports can be created utilizing the informational database.  Please contact Brendan Tierney at or call (978) 717-6180 for more information.

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Top 5 Pipelines
Capacity Release Details

The following list is based on Annualized Equivalent Dth/day during the month of July 2018.

Texas Eastern Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      421
Spot transactions:       25
Month/multi-month transactions:      395
Twelve months or longer transactions:      1

Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      490
Spot transactions:      62
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      423
Twelve months or longer transactions:      5

Dominion Transmission Inc
Total capacity release transactions:      238
Spot transactions:      26
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      208
Twelve months or longer transactions:      4

Transwestern Pipeline Company
Total capacity release transactions:      3
Spot transactions:      0
Month/multi-month transactions:      3
Twelve months or longer transactions:      0

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      557
Spot transactions:      62
Month/multi-month transactions:      495
Twelve months or longer transactions:      0

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