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April 2018 Edition    

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  • The April 2018 edition of the newsletter was delayed 1 week due to a cyber attack on pipelines using Latitude Technologies as a service provider.  In order to provide the most accurate transactional history, we opted to delay newsletter publication until all systems were back up.  We have since rectified all Latitude pipeline transactions during the force majeure event.
  • The March seasonal bid transactions saw the most significant annual increases, with the exception of the monthly transactions.
  • Monthly capacity release transactions saw the only volumetric decrease over last month with a reduction of 40%.
  • Spot transaction saw the greatest percentage increase over last monthís numbers with a more than seven fold increase.
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Monthly Pipeline Capacity Trends
Top 10 Pipelines

March 2018 Capacity Releases for Top 10 Pipelines


Percent change over previous month:


Awarded Capacity in Annualized Equiv BCF/d


Percent change over previous month:


Spot capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Monthly capacity releases


Percent change over previous month:


Capacity releases of one year or longer:


Percent change over previous month:


Industry News

You can see that the trading activity in March increased significantly and is likely to continue in this manner for several months.  Do you have the means of keeping up with the transactions that are occurring over this period?  Are you able to meet the capacity demands of your customers?  Is your goal as an organization to keep capacity costs down?  If so, a subscription to Capacity Center will allow you to perform all of these functions and more.

Our data will help you make better business decisions in the natural gas and electric markets.  If you would like to know who is bidding on your capacity, who was awarded capacity and at what price, a subscription to our data of over 100 interstate pipelines will provide this information and more.

We have entered the APR-OCT period and this is the perfect opportunity for your organization to take advantage of a Capacity Center trial.  Our subscription provides real-time data and forward looking market analysis and trends.  We can also generate customized reports specific to your analytic needs of the market.  The custom reports are best utilized for running historical market analyses.

Please contact Brendan Tierney or call (978) 717-6144 for more information.

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Top 5 Pipelines
Capacity Release Details

The following list is based on Annualized Equivalent Dth/day during the month of March 2018.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      667
Spot transactions:       340
Month/multi-month transactions:      294
Twelve months or longer transactions:      33

Texas Eastern Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      444
Spot transactions:      321
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      114
Twelve months or longer transactions:      9

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      787
Spot transactions:      557
Monthly/multi-month transactions:      220
Twelve months or longer transactions:      10

Columbia Gas Transmission
Total capacity release transactions:      862
Spot transactions:      654
Month/multi-month transactions:      190
Twelve months or longer transactions:      18

ANR Pipeline
Total capacity release transactions:      217
Spot transactions:      48
Month/multi-month transactions:      116
Twelve months or longer transactions:      3

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